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How To Care For Your Block Printed Lampshade

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

I am just ordering some new care leaflets that are included with your lampshade orders, and thought it might be a good wee blog post for those of you who already have a block printed lampshade of mine!

A little 'How To....' on how to care for your lampshade to keep em young!

printed lettering in a collage format

All lampshades are hand printed and hand made by me, I use Lokta Paper for printing. Lokta is a handmade sustainable paper which grows between 5,000 and 13,000ft in Nepal. Once the shrub (Daphne) has been cut, it regrows, hence the sustainability. I love using Lokta paper for the lampshades as it is soft, easy to print on and gives a lovely warm glow when lit.

For the backing I use PVC plastic (no single use plastics!) which I source from Dannells, a UK based company. The PVC has been light tested and they recommend using a max of 60w bulb.

Because I each shade is handmade, I can make for hanging pendants or lamp bases, so any design can fit any room/style. The fixtures which I make the lampshades with are using a standard utility fitting for the UK.

Theres little to no maintenance required in keeping your lampshade 'alive' but I do advise keeping out of direct sunlight, and to remove any gathering dust please use a dry cloth.

To browse the lampshade collection please head to the HOME section of the website.

Thanks for reading, and please send any feedback/ pictures of your gorgeous RJS Printed lampshades in!

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