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Kara Arena is a NYC Singer Songwriter who kindly asked RJS Print to design her debut album cover, Something Blue.

This is an opportunity for you to buy an 'Artist Proof' of the original design.  Kara's friends and family have a special code to use for discount, please enter at the checkout!



  1.  Teal/ Purple/ Black
  2.   Purple/ Black
  3.   Pink/ Blue/ Black
  4.   Green/ Blue
  5.   Pink/ Blue
  6.   Teal/Blue
  7.   Teal/ Blue/ Black (closest to original)


Please note: shipping to US may be slow due to backlog from Royal Mail.

Kara Arena - Something Blue Artist Proofs

  • Artist Proofs are initial prints to check the actual block for any mistakes or missed areas.  Also to test colour against each other.  Not all prints are three layers.

    Please get in touch if you want more info on any of the options here.

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