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At RJS Print, I strive to bring the beauty of the outdoors into people's homes and lives. Each piece is carefully crafted to take you back to those warm summer evenings and to remind you to do what you love. This series is an exploration of colour and shape inspired by those moments and feelings.

Camping, fires, sea swimming, being outdoors.  A continuation of portraying the outdoors through print, pattern, colour and music.


This series, although there are many new prints they are all really small editions.  I feel I have really poured by heart and soul into this series, making prints for 'me' rather than the algorithm... So hopefully you like them too!

Summer Nights

Capturing the beauty of summer nights with this stunning original block print.

Perfect for any outdoor lover, the print depicts smoke clouds up in the air around a chiminea, with a beautiful moonlit sky.

cropped image of summer nights print with moon and stars

The Cold Open 1

The Cold Open 1 is an original block print that captures the joy and danger of swimming under a stormy sky.

This unique print explores the contrast of shape and colour of the ocean.

cropped image of print display, waves and stormy sky

The Shape of Night

A warm Summer's Night, huddled by the chiminea and gazing up at the stars in the night sky.

I've enjoyed exploring night time colours within this print, and learning more about layering and what works together as shapes to form the image.  My aim was for the large smoke swirl to emmit a crackling, fireside vibe.

cropped image of swirling smoke cloud above chiminea

Explore the Collection

Please check out the full series, Summer Nights, below.

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