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Friday Night Wine Prints

Okay I'm not an alcoholic.... It started with just trying to get out of my comfort zone with printmaking, trying to maybe branch out a bit into other illustrative design. Don't worry I'm still mountain mad and my bothies will still be the trademark (ooooo wine in the bothy print). So here they are some fun wine prints and how I am getting on with them.

an open sketchbook with a sketch and test print of the first friday night wines

But these have been really fun and shamefully create quite a nice following on social media. I've been using small square off cut lino blocks to create these prints, along with the monthly prints I've been doing too! It's something about the challenge, the simplicity and the final outcomes I am really enjoying.

a print in 'rust' of a full wine glass, a cheese board and the night sky
Wine and cheese under the stars

I love working in colour, and have recently been using a scanner to edit some prints on photoshop. I haven't really done a lot of editing this way but I am enjoying how quick I can see a print in a new colour and how they look on a screen.

It has also just been satisfying sticking to black and white too, creating a kind of 2D effect in the scenes. Which I am coming to realise is my sort of style. It's so hard these days really finding a style when the inspirational scope is so larger with social media sharing!

I'm finding each print/ idea behind them all seem a little different in how social these wine nights are... sometimes just a single glass on it's own. Sometimes the glasses are empty so what is the mood like in that room? Just generally with it being a quick sketch it's appearing as red wine, but is it white wine? There's never more than two wines on the go so it's always a very small party if that!

a print of a wine bottle with two empty glasses and a plant on a shelf

Please get in touch with more 'Wine Night Scenarios'!

All the original prints are available to purchase from the website now, however I am looking into printing these digitally as postcards in the near future as a more affordable way to buy them, this will make these originals very much limited editions so if this is your vibe - get them while you can.

friday night yahtzee, edited with watercolour detail

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