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Ro's Gift Giving Guide!

I've put together some of my favourite brands for presents, for you to have a gander and maybe be inspired for gift giving over the festive season - or throughout the year!

I love all these brands I am going to share with you, and feel obliged to say **this is not an ad** these companies are ones I have used personally and really love the products available.

Key things for me when gift giving and buying online, must be good quality - I love handmade and well done pieces that will last. I also am really passionate about buying from eco sustainable companies - I love getting a 'recycled' package and no single use plastic or if it needs to be biodegrade-able plastic packaging. I do my very best in the studio to reuse and recycle and when I have to, use biodegrade-able plastics.

Some of these companies I have followed and used for many a year and am so confident you'll love them too, so lets get started! I will try to divide up into some kind of categories but I always think some of the best finds just happen.


Obviously, yes I am a printmaker - selling prints and block printed handmade lampshades online and in selected stores (shameless plug!).

Not to mention my 2024 Block Printed calendars which I am so so pleased with. Now I am a Mum and LOVE getting my new calendar all sorted for the year ahead, and my wee calendars just won't cut it for that amount of childcare/ playdate info! Buuuut! My calendars are the perfect gift for a home office/ studio (one line per day) - a perfect gift for someone who loves unique and beautiful organisation!

Nina Cosford is a British illustrator and artist I absolutely love to follow on socials (check out her gifs!). And she has a very special sketchbook you can buy for the budding artist in your life who needs that extra prompt to create! I love gifting folk something creative that they can do in their own time, all year round.

Here an illustration by Nina, shared on her instagram - perfectly capturing the 'Granny Girl' one I can totally relate to!

Illustration of girl with text
Nina Cosford, Instagram

Luiza Holub is a minimalist printmaker, selling her works on Etsy. Along with really affordable cards and reproductions of prints, she sells original linocut pieces - one of which I am the happy owner of! They are really beautiful collections using soft muted tones and shapes. Once you have a look I am confident you will know someone who will love it!

Printed Peanut is a really wonderful UK based artist and illustrator, selling ace riso and giclee style prints in bright beautiful colour combinations. From cards, prints and printed goods there is an immense selection to choose from for gift giving that I for one am super impressed by! I was actually going to be purchasing one of her riso printed calendars but as I'm writing the blog I've seen they have sold out! Not surprisingly really - Well done Louise! Something I love to see in another printmaker and illustrator is a book, and Louise has created a concertina book which for an artist is such a cool thing to collect and have as a lovely piece of art!

Woman standing with concertina style printed book
The Printed Peanut, Instagram


In this household we are obsessed with food, new recipes, cook books, PIZZA! And always on the lookout for new inspirations. We have recently discovered Julius Roberts cookbook and his social media pages. Really simple to follow recipes, using British homegrown and seasonal veg. We have become quite intentional with our meals and always looking to get those secret veggies into out 2 year old - Robert's cookbook, The Farm Table, is full to the brim of brilliant ideas.

Book cover
Julius Roberts, The Farm Table

A good recipe or meal is always better with the best ingredients... Great Glen Charcuterie is a Scottish based company based in the highlands, producing a range of the highest quality Scottish venison charcuterie. We have bought from them several times and are now a firm favourite in our fridge, ready for the next pizza night (we love the venison salami with fresh rocket on a classic margarita pizza!). Recently they have started a subscription box which is the perfect gift that will last all year round!

A charcuterie and cheese board
Great Glen Charcuterie

Getting Cosy

For the more extravagant gift or treat yourself moment, a stay in the Scottish Highlands with plenty of fresh air, woodland and mountain surroundings, keep in mind The Dell of Abernethy. Nestled away in Nethy Bridge, the cottages they have for holiday rent are really the most beautifully curated spaces, fitted with top quality appliances and warmth for the perfect retreat. They also host entertainment and supper club evenings in 'The Dell' and have this year opened 'The Dell Grocer' which proudly stock some RJS Print pieces. Well worth a visit if you are in the area!

A cosy living room scene with log burning stove
'South Dell' Living Room

No luxury stay is complete without luxury sleepwear... And my all time favourite is no secret if you've known me a while... Their Nibs is a London based company designing the most comfortable and glamorous pyjamas. Available for women, men and children so you can kit out everyone and their grannies - all matching if you so wish! My go to is always the full cotton traditional long pyjamas, but I do have this pattern shown below in a short satin pair and they are brilliant, they are all really breathable and saw me through pregnancy and breastfeeding (full on night sweats and they kept me cool!).

women in Pyjamas
Their Nibs

Not wanting to finish on a sentence about night sweats... This next one is inspired by our military lifestyle and the fact quite often our partners serving are deployed during those festive celebrations. The Deployment Concierge is a luxury gifting site which has curated a Luxury Indulgence Box you can send to your loved ones at home! Aimed at the military spouse but the great part is you don't have to be part of the military to use! A fab gifting idea for anyone working away this Christmas.

Gift box
The Deployment Concierge, Luxury Gift Box

Thanks so much for reading and hopefully you can get some great Christmas shopping ideas and all year round really!

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