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How to commission a mountain lampshade...

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

"Hi Ro, can we get this mountain on a lampshade?" YES. Commissions are something I often get asked about, often for presents for loved ones or a ‘treat yourself’ moment for a loved space. Here is a short article on how to commission a mountain lampshade from RJS Print.

Quite often people are happy with something similar to what I already sell on my website or social media, BUT did you know… I love client input and if you have a favourite scene or mountain - tell me all about it, tell me about the amazing skies that overlook and that beautiful purple glow in Autumn. I love to hear those personal moments that connect you to place and I do my best to create that through print.


Sometimes both actually! The beauty of a deconstructed print, such as my 'Mountain Trio' collection, is that I can adapt that design onto a lampshade. These photos are from a recent commission which includes two side lampshades and a print to complete a room.


A typical commission starts with a conversation, I always like to keep messages in one place so it’s great to get an email through (

We discuss the theme of print, perhaps a particular beach walk or mountain hike. I can then get on with some research and preliminary sketches including colour combinations if it is to be a multi layered print. Sketches are then sent to the customer before carving blocks... SKETCHES LOOK NOTHING LIKE A PRINT. Carving and drawing are very different techniques and I'm much better at carving than I am drawing... So it's always a worry at this point as the customer needs to just trust the process that the final prints will look brilliant.

I try to keep customers up to date with pictures of how their prints are coming along, and perhaps when they will be ready for posting. Before the prints or lampshades are completed, I send through an invoice that can be paid as you would any other online shop. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the print and I have to charge for any new carvings that I will be creating for you. This would all be discussed before I start any work.


And that's it! I send prints via Royal Mail and lampshades I send through courier, usually Collect +. Once they have arrived I like to know they have arrived safely and LOVE to see them in their new homes!


Yes I also offer wholesale on prints and if you are a shop keeper that would love some RJS Print adorning your walls please download my current wholesale list below. I love seeing my prints with our lovely stockists... the furthest being Prince Edward Island, Canada! What!

Download PDF • 731KB

I also can offer bespoke print design for a shop or company, fairly similar to a customer commission but you will have full exclusivity of the design once it's complete with all digital files included to have your custom RJS Print printed on whatever you fancy!


The Dell Grocer, Dell Rd, Nethy Bridge PH25 3DL

Submarine Studio, 8 Kent Street, Glasgow, G40 2SR

The Granite House, 74 High Street, Fort William, PH33 6AD

croft, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Pencil Me In, 27 Batchen Street, Elgin, IV30 1BH

Farm Ness Dunain Mains Inverness IV3 8JX

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